Starla, the wizard or witch queen Starla is a wizard/witch from Fashion Street.


Name: Starla Wizman

Age: 15

Born in: January 15th

Likes: Spells, magic and pulling pranks.

Dislikes: When her spells gone wrong.

Friends: Violet Chang and Kai Mabel

Enemies: None

Pet: A black cat named Amy.



She is friendly and a bit eccentric.


She wears a purple witch hat with a brown rectangle and a yellow square on it. She has purple, long hair and pale skin. She has purple eyes that was hypnotizing.



Her family has a father and mother. She trained wizardry with her mother when she is young. She was 6 years old if she has a wand. If she is six years old, she has a wand and cast spells and practice magic.


She was friends with Kai Mabel.

Pet Edit

Amy, her pet black cat.


She doesn't have one.

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