Underland Wonderland is a setting that was made from roads, flowers, grasses, houses, etc. Kai Mabel and Violet Chang are living here.

Land of WillowsEdit

Kai and Violet lives here. All houses and buildings are here. Starla followed a path when she was young. A dagger holds here. A basket of flowers was there. She holded the dagger and see the magic dagger. The following note tells Starla to get the dagger behind the man. Starla tapped his shoulder. Again? It said I don't tell you to take the dagger and see it. So go get the dagger behind the man. Kill him, again. Starla showed him the note and it was white and covered in blood. It's blank but writtened with red, bloody letters dripping. She stabbed the man. The man was covered in blood. The bloody shoulder was in the dagger. The dagger was bloody, too. Kai was scared of the dagger and sharp things.

Pocket VillageEdit

A fellow village full of human people that attended to go here and there and everywhere. They could follow a path, road and everykind of street they want. Every house and everyone can go there.

Kingdom of MightEdit

Houses and castles lived there. People wanted it. They could have the kingdom. It's about princesses and princes live here and there.